CIS 301: Logical Foundations of Programming, Fall 2016

This course teaches the basic elements found in a formal logic including syntax for claims and rules for making deductions, as well as on how to judge if the rules are suitable in the sense that they only lead to claims that match the reality of the domain that are being reasoned. The focus will be on formal logics for reasoning about program behavior and for programming directly in terms of logic.

Lectures Tuesday (T) & Thursday (U), 11:00am - 12:15pm, 1109 Engineering Hall
Instructor Robby, Office: 2181 Engineering Hall, Office Hours: T 2-3:30pm (or by appointment)
Teaching Assistant Joshua Donnoe, Office: 1119 Engineering Hall, Office Hours: U 3-4:30pm (or by appointment)
Teaching Assistant Joydeep Mitra, Office: 2206D Engineering Hall, Office Hours: W 2-3:30pm (or by appointment)
E-mail help-301@santoslab.org